Just around the corner from the Houses of Parliament, an exhibition about water opens with a model of the sewer king, Sir Joseph Bazalgette – made from Lego.

Also, shown as a super-hero, for this is an exhibition about the engineering that delivers clean drinking water to homes, carries away our waste, and corrals nature to do mankind’s bidding.

This exhibition explores the hidden depths of water engineering and the work of behind-the-scenes heroes, who fight fatbergs and flooding, and save lives through the provision of clean water and sanitation.

It’s laid out very much like most exhibitions at the Institution of Civil Engineers, namely a room full of large display boards and lots of videos to watch.

It’s not just London, or the UK that gets a look in though, with grand engineering shown off from around the world. Whether it’s massive dams being built, or small-scale local water projects, they are looked at to show how varied the engineering of modern sanitation is.

It’s a feast of industrial skills on show.

There’s also a fatberg monster in the corner – ready to scare the kids, and educate parents about why people shouldn’t pour cooking oils down the drain, or anything else inorganic that shouldn’t be down there.

Overall, the exhibition has enough to interest adults, and with additions, plenty to keep kids happy — and maybe turn them into future builders of the modern world.

The exhibition, Water From Source to Tap is open Mon-Fri 10-5pm until 28th February.

Entry is free.


Institution of Civil Engineers,
1 Great George Street,


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2 comments on “See Sir Joseph Bazalgette made from Lego
  1. Annabel says:

    It’s brilliant! We took the grandsons there last week, and we all loved it.

  2. MilesT says:

    Passing on a well worn but relevant joke.

    Bazalgette senior renowned for taking the sewage out of London homes.

    Bazalgette junior (great grandson I believe) as responsible for pumping sewage back into London homes…via the television show Big Brother which is produced by Bazalgette junior’s TV production company Endemol.

    Should we have a lego statue of Bazalgette junior somewhere

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