Here’s an odd thing for sale, and hence, for some people, utterly desirable — boxes of unused destination labels used on Intercity 125 trains.

Being offered by GWR as they are about to phase out their Intercity 125 trains on the mainline routes out of Paddington.

The last of the iconic HST trains are now on their final few weeks of passenger service before being phased out, probably — but not officially confirmed — on the evening of 18th May.

As they wont be needed soon, they’ve set aside a few boxes of carriage window labels for the GWR fans. Each box contains 238 different labels used on the GWR services for the period from January to May 2019.

It’s a little odd, but nice that they are being offered to the fans instead of just going in the bin as unused stationary.

Not cheap though – each box costs £270, although that’s just over a quid per label, so not that bad when you count how many labels are in the box, and they only have 25 boxes to sell.

Somewhat cheaper are the green and gold window labels used on the shuttle train running between Slough and Windsor on a certain Royal wedding day.

Just a tenner each, which isn’t bad for railway ephemera collectors, or Monarchists.

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