It turns out that the official supplier of tube roundels to London Underground has a side-line in coffee tables.

Based on the Isle of Wight, the family owned AJ Wells & Sons have been official suppliers of signage and cladding to the Rail industry and Transport for London for many years. They’ve recently been very busy supplying the signs for the Elizabeth line.

They also have a side-line in coffee tables based on the London Underground roundel.

Available in two types, either plain embossed effect, or if you prefer as an actual station sign. The plain embossed Spot Tops come in green, yellow or blue.

The traditional nameplate Spot Tops are screen printed in red and blue using the New Johnston font. The vitreous enamel top is bonded to 24mm birch ply and features 3 hairpin legs powder coated in Jubilee line Grey.

For a rather higher price, they will also sell you an official London Underground sign. They are only available with official tube station names, or the famous Mind the Gap sign, and are manufactured to exactly the same specification as the signs you see in tube stations.

If you did want a personalised sign though, then they have old British Rail lozenge which can have any message that’ll fit added to it.

For all the signs and tables, go here.

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