This September, Freemen and Women of the City of London will be able to exercise their ancient right to take sheep across London Bridge

It’s limited, as you might expect to Freemen of the City of London, or someone doing the sheep drive on their behalf.

(c) Sheep Drive

Each participant also receives a certificate at the end to confirm their sheep rustling skills have been deployed to their fullest degree.

This year, although not yet confirmed, the Company of Woolmen, who arrange the event, are seeking to take over the entire bridge rather than being corralled into one pavement.

If approved, that should make the event far bigger than usual.

If you are suitably Free – then tickets cost £60 per person, in aid of the Woolmen’s charity, and can be booked here. Fancy dress is also encouraged.

(c) Sheep Drive

If you can’t do the sheep drive, then the whole thing is open to the public to watch as well.

There is also a wool fair taking place around Monument, with loads of wool related goodies on offer.

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2 comments on “Tickets Alert: Take Sheep across London Bridge
  1. Geoffrey says:

    Difficult to find the date, nowhere on the websites. Seems to be Sunday 29th September

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