There’s a video screen that shows changing shapes in a sort of 1980s home computer version of the 2001 Space Odyssey scene.

It’s art. It’s pleasing to watch for a while, but then I made the mistake of reading the artists description….

“In response to the seemingly impossible worlds of M C Escher, Ben Kreukniet creates an algorithmic installation which builds a tangled hierarchy between human, machine and architecture.”

“Using the architecture of the Barbican as a starting point, Behind a Facade of Order constructs a complex digital world of feedback loops and visual paradox. As the movement of passers-by feeds the program, the constantly-evolving imagery blurs reality and virtual space.”

“Where does the artist stop and the machine begin?”

No idea is what I think.

If in the area, do pop in for a look, as it’s quite nice. Just don’t read the arty blurb on the board next to it as it rather spoils the art.

The art installation, Behind a Facade of Order is in the main foyer of the Barbican until 5th May. It’s free to view.

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