Building works continue on the Northern line extension to Battersea, and their latest updates give an overview of works carried out since the start of the year.

At Battersea Power Station Station, the temporary works access and support decks have been removed from the western core, and the eastern head house has been built up to roof level.

Fit out works comprise blockwork to create the rooms within the station; cladding, painting and screeding, which involves adding the finishing architectural touches to the flooring.

At approximately 20 metres below existing ground level, basement level -4 is really starting to resemble the finished article. All the dividing blockwork walls are substantially complete and progress is being made on the fit out works.

The three lift shafts that travel to the platform (2 emergency, 1 passenger) have been constructed through the platform level and continue to rise through the station to reach ground level. Tunnel ventilation works have also commenced within the cross over box.

The final section of track is scheduled to be laid in April within the cross over box just outside the station in the tunnels. This will mark the completion of the installation of all running rail from the Kennington loop through to the Battersea Station over run tunnels.

At Nine Elms Station, all the structural reinforced concrete works i.e. the skeleton of the station, have been completed below ground.

The penultimate section of track will be completed this month on the platform level. Once complete, all that remains will be the final positioning of the Battersea reversing junction in April at the neighbouring site, thereby linking the entire project from the overrun tunnels to the bulkhead doors at Kennington.

Within Kennington Station, fit out works will continue inside the hoarding followed by commissioning during engineering hours until mid-2019.

Elsewhere at the two ventilation shafts:

At Kennington Park, basement excavation is now complete and the temporary propping system to support the structure whilst under construction, has been removed. They have now commenced the build of the head house in the park and this has started to appear above ground. Below ground, the conductor rail will be installed to power the new railway in May.

At Kennington Green, the structure of the new head house can be seen above the hoardings around the site. The team are currently working on building the roof level which reaches a height of 11.1m above ground.


The extension is due to be opened in Autumn 2021, a year later than originally intended.


All images (c) TfL.

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9 comments on “London Underground’s Northern line extension – a construction update
  1. H says:

    Essentially delayed a year because of the Crossrail debacle.

  2. Michael McCarthy says:

    Why is there no interchange with the Victoria Line at Vauxhall?

  3. P morrell says:

    Link from kennington to battersea via Vauxhall makes sense!

  4. JP says:

    Whilst we’re about it, Oval’s even closer.
    Yours facetiously,

  5. N Morrell says:

    I remember reading that going via Vauxhall (without significant reconstruction) would cause potential overcrowding.

    Building a separate station a short distance away was the better option. Which makes sense to me.

  6. Frederick says:

    Where is the third rail in the pictures?

  7. P Barker says:

    Elsewhere on the London tube there are some long pedestrian tunnels.
    I think they should have built a walkway underground to Vauxhall and that way the Victoria and Northern line would be linked.

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