A connection between tunnels and a new Bank tube station entrance on Canon Street was made last week as construction workers broke through the final layer of concrete.

Edited Dragados video of the breakthrough

The new Cannon Street entrance will have a set of escalators taking passengers directly down to an enlarged Northern line concourse, and via a second set of escalators straight down to the DLR platforms.

The breakthough point you are looking at is at the bottom of the new escalator shaft up to street level, so this is the very place people will pass through on their commute when the upgrade is completed.

The new entrance will also add a lift giving step-free access down to the Northern line and DLR.

The breakthrough now creates the link from the Northern line level to the new entrance, which will also make further construction work easier as they gain an addition route from street level down into the tunnels.

The connection is part of a substantial upgrade of Bank station, which will see the Northern line platforms enlarged and a travolator connecting the Northern and Central lines.

All the tunnels have been excavated using two diggers as the confined tunnel space prevented the use of a tunnel boring machine. In some instances, tunnelling has been undertaken by hand, using traditional mining techniques used on the Tube for over 100 years.

The project to upgrade Bank Tube station, which is being delivered alongside contractor Dragados, will increase capacity at the station by 40 percent when it is completed in 2022.

An in-depth look at the Bank station upgrade is here.

Stuart Harvey, Transport for London’s Director of Major Projects, said: “Bank Tube station is one of the busiest and most important stations on the network. The area around the station has a high concentration of important infrastructure both above and below ground, including a number of historic, significant buildings in the local area, making the upgrade work incredibly complex. The hard work done by the project team will result in real improvements in the journeys of hundreds of thousands of customers every day.”

The interchange between Bank and Monument Tube station is one of the busiest on the Tube network; each weekday morning around 120,000 customers use the stations, of which over 50,000 are changing lines. Demand has risen by around a quarter since 2008 and its complex network of pedestrian tunnels and escalators between the Central, Northern, District, Circle and Waterloo & City lines, as well as the DLR, regularly causes congestion and delays to customer journeys.

There will be a closure of the Bank branch of the Northern line between Kennington and Moorgate in 2021 to allow the tunnelling to be completed, as the new Northern line southbound tunnel is connected to the existing railway.

New concourse between the Northern line platforms (c) TfL

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6 comments on “London Underground breaks through its new Bank tube station entrance
  1. PeterC says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the wonderful juxtaposition of the airy light spaces of contemporary underground design and the somewhat claustrophobic look of the (multiply aged) existing Bank. I’d imagine (though happy to be proved wrong) that this will be the best place to see so many different styles in one continuous space?

  2. Chris Rogers says:

    Meanwhile, we still await the re-opening of the York Road entrance to Waterloo tube station, months after it should’ve been open…

    • Melvyn says:

      Likewise the opening of the lifts down to former Eurostars orchestra pit providing step free access for Waterloo and City Line.

  3. Melvyn says:

    Given the delays and cost increases to Crossrail 1 the future of Crossrail 2 is looking more doubtful in the short term.

    However, the Bank Station upgrade opens up an alternative way to serve Euston to cope with HS2 by extending the DLR from Bank to Euston/ Kings Cross with maybe a separate branch to Victoria Station!

    An outline scheme already exists and could even make use of the former Jubilee Line platforms at Charing Cross Station ( as featured in SKYFALL) although tunnels would need enlarging to take bigger DLR trains.

  4. Anne MARHIC says:

    I wish I had seen those infos on your blog before encountering trouble with luggage at Bank underground station on Thursday 15th August, while connecting from Central to DLR platform to London City Airport (catching a plane back to France). I luckily got help from a very kind traveller to carry my bags down the stairs between the two escalators going both upwards. I wish I had known about the elevators, but there was no sign telling about accessibility to DLR platform with a lift. I got to know about them when TFL Customer service replied my enquiery. However, that will be of help next time I find myself travelling through Bank station again. Hoping this can help other travellers too.

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