As part of the annual Open Garden Squares Weekend that takes place later this year, one rather special garden will be open to the public – the one behind 10 Downing Street.

The site of the David Cameron/Nick Clegg love-in and where President Obama served burgers is not actually that exceptional a garden, but in terms of “damn difficult places for the public to visit” it is practically at the top of the list.

To get access to the garden you have to put your name into a public ballot and then cross fingers  – or whatever superstition for summoning up the gods of chance that you prefer.

Just 48 people will be invited in, so chances are very slight – but what an exceptional opportunity it will be.

To apply for the ballot click here.

The ballot closes on 21 March.

The Open Garden Squares Weekend takes place on 8th-9th June and is basically a horticultural equivalent of Open House Weekend. Although you do need to pay for a weekend permit, I think it is a very good weekend peering in often private spaces.

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