There’s an opportunity to have not one, but three visits to walk through the Post Office’s famous railway tunnels over the next five years.

As part of the Postal Museum’s fundraising, they are offering an opportunity to sponsor one of their many railway sleepers — and the sponsorship included a visit to the tunnels to see your own personal railway sleeper.

The headline price is high, but when you count up all the extras you get, it’s actually… almost a bargain.

The price is £300 per sleeper – with a plaque attached your own sleeper.

That price includes three visits for two people over the next five years to walk down the tunnels and see your sleeper — plus three pairs of tickets to take a trip in the Mail Rail itself.

A trip on the Mail Rail currently costs £17.05 per person, so your £300 gets you £102.30 worth of train trips — meaning that the three walking tours in the tunnel equates to just £33 per person.

Even for such a rare opportunity, £33 to walk down the railway tunnels isn’t quite a bargain… but it is almost one. And the three people you invite to join you are going to be very impressed.

You can sponsor a sleeper here.

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One comment on “Chance to walk though the Post Office railway tunnels
  1. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Was actually thinking of doing this last year or before Christmas. But I might actually go do it this year. Looks really interesting.

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