Tomorrow (Sun 20th Jan), there will be filming of something or other at the derelict Millennium Mills in Docklands.

The Millennium Mills is a bit of a favourite for film-makers thanks to its still derelict state, and the large empty post-industrial landscape around it.

Not sure what, but whatever the filming is, it’s going to be big enough for there to be an air traffic warning of “downward facing bright lights on film set east of Millennium Mills” being used to illuminate the area.

Unlikely to be helicopters buzzing around as that would have been included in the air traffic warning, but if you’re local, maybe something to stick a nose outdoors to look at — or curse if trying for an early night’s sleep.

The air traffic warning is for all day, from 10am to 11pm.

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One comment on “Night time filming at Millennium Mills on Sunday
  1. Patryk Tokarek says:

    If I remember correctly the first episode of the great TV drama “Ashes to Ashes” was also filmed in there.

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