One for your diaries, as this year’s open days to go underneath Reigate town center into its maze of caves have been announced.

There’s three large sets of caves to explore:

  • An ancient tunnel network dug by the Normans for their castle.
  • A mostly pre-Victorian set of industrial mines.
  • And a smaller set of tunnels now laid out as a museum.

Visits to two of the caves are by tour guides, and the museum is just wander around.

All told, you can easily allow half a day to do the three caves, and entry to all of them is a mere £5 per adult.

No booking, just turn up. My personal guidance would be to do the Tunnel Road cave first, as it can have queues, then the Baron’s cave, then the museum.

The caves are open 10am-4pm on the following Saturdays in 2019 – note that of all the opening dates, May is by far the busiest, so you would be advised to go a bit later in the year.

  • Sat 11th May
  • Sat 8th June
  • Sat 13th July
  • Sat 10th August
  • Sat 14th September

A report from my visit in May 2016, and from DG a few months later.

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4 comments on “Reigate Caves 2019 open days announced
  1. Richard says:

    Hi are you doing open days this year?

  2. fj says:

    Fair enough. I was one of those unfortunates who turned up last year in the hope of getting in but was turned away as they had too many visitors due to publicity on social media. At least it will save me a wasted trip this year!

  3. Peter Burgess says:

    Hi – I manage Reigate Caves open days for the volunteers in Wealden Cave and Mine Society. We are very popular. Our major concern is rarely not enough publicity but the opposite – too much. As you can see from earlier comments, there has been one occasion when we have had to turn people away as we had too much publicity and on that day great number of people travelled down from London. Our open days are publicly available for anyone to find – but we urge anyone travelling any distance to check on Facebook first where we post updates on how busy we are. We are NOT in a position to set up pre-booking, so have the challenge of getting the publicity just right. I expect you are assuming it was me that “complained” – no, it wasn’t! I do not mind our dates being publicised, but it is important that visitors are aware of what could happen, and they check first before arriving.

  4. Emmanuel O'lafare says:

    Hi Pete, what is the possibility of having the caves open for more days each year? I live not too far away and have been meaning to visit for some time now, as it happens i got my dates wrong and thought i,d be visiting today June 15 2019 but on double checking i see i have to wait till July .
    The caves do look interesting and I am looking forward to a visit.

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