If you go up to the mezzanine at Waterloo Station, there’s a display of landscape photography as part of an annual competition.

There is a long series of stand-alone boards, and easier to overlook, a number of photos mounted on the back wall as well.

Ranging from urban landscapes to classic country views, and a few railways, each photograph includes a short section of text explaining how the photo was taken.

The photos chosen to go on display at Waterloo are also destinations that can be reached from that station.

The exhibition will run until Sunday 3rd February β€” and is free, as it’s in the main concourse.

A book accompanies the exhibition.

The exhibition will also appear at the following London stations later this year:

  • London Bridge – 18 February to 10 March
  • Victoria – 10 June to 24 June
  • Paddington – 25 June to 9 July

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6 comments on “Landscape photography at Waterloo Station
  1. Ian Dendy. says:

    Being pedantic, this is actually on the mezzanine level overlooking the main concourse. Worth checking out though.

    Thanks Ian For all the hard work put into the weekly download.

  2. Andrew Gwilt says:

    What about showing these at other stations in London such as at Paddington, Liverpool Street, Victoria, St. Pancras International, Euston, Kings Cross, London Bridge and Marylebone.

  3. Ann clark says:

    I’m going to see the exhibition tomorrow….it’s something I look forward to, coming into London in January, not too many people and amazing photos..I think this is my 5th year

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