An underground chamber only occasionally open to the public has announced a series of open days for 2019.

Pope’s Grotto, built by, unsurprisingly, Alexander Pope is the last remaining part of his villa, which he built in 1720 on the banks of the Thames at Twickenham.

In its time, the Grotto was an object both of admiration and envy, inspiring imitation throughout England. Even today, in its shabby condition, it draws students and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Above ground today is a local school, and the grotto underneath is maintained by a charity are now starting to open it to visitors on a semi-regular basis.

To book tickets at £6 per person go here.

Tickets are untimed and you will be able explore the Grotto in your own time.

Please note that space in the Grotto is limited and you may be asked to wait at peak times. The school’s café, with a terrace overlooking the river with views towards Twickenham and Teddington, will be open for refreshments. Books and postcards will be on sale.

The Grotto is in Radnor House School and is reached by a staircase (unsuitable for disabled or infirm visitors).

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One comment on “Tickets Alert: Occasional openings of Pope’s Grotto
  1. JP says:

    Untimed tickets, take as long as you like, would you mind waiting a bit – look there’s a caff.
    It all sounds bucolic, at the water’s edge, preferably with the sunshine too. No 15mins to shuffle through the Sistine chapel here. No nice caff with museum attached. Comparison is a little pears v apples, but “think of others before yourself” reigns here.
    More similar please.

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