Following on from a special edition set of trainers last month, Adidas has launched an entire range of London Underground themed trainers.

There are two ranges, one collection with a lot of purple for a certain Elizabeth line, and a more subdued range of white and grey trainers with the other tube logos on them.

Every pair of the standard range has two of the 12 different underground roundels in the heel, along with suitable colours along the lines. In fitting with fashion, the shoes are mismatched, so you’ll always end up wearing “odd” colours.

The pairings are Jubilee/Piccadilly, Metropolitan/Circle, Victoria/Waterloo&City, Bakerloo/Central, District/Elizabeth, and Hamersmith/Northern.

A nice touch is that the packing boxes also include the two tube lines on either side of the container.

A downside though is that the sole doesn’t have a tube roundel in it, so no chance of leaving little tube roundels behind in the snow and frost this winter.

The Elizabeth line based trainers will be available on the 8th December, which is a hint as to how long this project has been worked on, as that would have been the eve of the opening of the Elizabeth line, had it not been delayed.

The rest of the less purple range follows a couple of days later.

Alternatively, you can buy London Underground socks instead.

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3 comments on “Wear a tube roundel on your Adidas trainers
  1. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Loving the design on these. Thumbs up whoever designed it. Shame that it’s special edition. Not sure what to buy for Christmas.

  2. Anonymous Person says:

    I have heard that these trainers does cost around £75-£80 max I think. Adidas trainers are probably worth more if they do make limited edition or special edition trainers that can cost from £100-£300+ depending on the design, detail popularity and many more that can attract fans and buyers that wants to buy any kind of Adidas trainers and shoes.

    Not being horrible but I think Adidas should do more to give more interest in people who would want to buy trainers not just from Adidas but other rival shoe companies aswell. Even though Adidas is a company that makes clothes aswell shoes.

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