A new film by the guy behind the award winning documentary about the last days of the Robin Hood Gardens estate in east London, has turned his gaze upon the Barbican itself and how sunset transforms the buildings.

As Joe Gilbert writes, “in golden hour, as the sun is setting, the estate morphs into a glowing wonder differing from it’s usual brutal and imposing appearance.”

Each shot of the film showcases a single sunset, and he said that he’d have to set up the shot at least an hour before sunset to make sure it would hopefully come out well. Then he just had to wait for the setting sun to, hopefully, cast a gentle golden glow over the brutalist buildings. It took six weeks to capture all the scenes used in the film.

It’s six minutes of beauty revealed in the brutal.

GOLDEN BARBICAN from Joe Gilbert on Vimeo.

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2 comments on “See the Barbican in a golden glow
  1. Heidi Barnes says:

    In the 2000’s , I used to cycle across Blackheath &enjoyed Canary Wharf Tower at dawn & dusk , before the other towers blocked the light . It has corner inserts which caught the light & glowed lemon yellow in the rising sun & peach in the setting sun .

  2. Steve Ehrlicher says:

    Not sure it did what was on the can, I was hoping for more glow.
    Also, it would be quite nice to see a credit for the music used.
    Even if it was composed by Joe.

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