The moat of the Tower of London will be filled with thousands of flames for one week only in an act of remembrance for the lives of the fallen during WW1.

The display, called Beyond the Deepening Shadow is an evolving installation, which will unfold each evening over the course of four hours, with the Tower moat gradually illuminated by individual flames. The unfolding visual spectacle will be accompanied by a specially-commissioned sound installation; a sonic exploration of the shifting tide of political alliances, friendship, love and loss in war.

At the centre of the sound installation lies a new choral work, with words from war poet Mary Borden’s Sonnets to a Soldier.

Each evening will begin with a procession led by the Yeoman Warders of the Tower of London.

Emerging from the fortress, the Yeoman Warders – themselves all former servicemen and women – will ceremonially light the first flame. Volunteers will then proceed to light the rest of the installation, gradually creating a circle of light, radiating from the Tower as a symbol of remembrance.

The display will conclude at 9pm every evening.

The installation will be free to view from Tower Hill and the Tower concourse.

Special ticketed access will also be provided to the Moat itself, to experience the intimate and sensory sound installation and to see Beyond the Deepening Shadow up-close.

The installation will run from 4th – 11th November, for seven nights before, and on Armistice Day 2018.

Tickets to go down into the moat cost £5 and can be booked here.

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2 comments on “Tickets Alert: Flames to fill the Tower of London’s moat

    We would like tickets for the flames at the Tower of London event but one member of our party is in a small motorised mobility scooter will access to the moat be possible for her?

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