Images of what the Thames Embankment will look like when the Super Sewer is completed have been released.

At a number of construction sites along the Thames, deep shafts are being drilled down to the super-sewer for construction purposes, and when completed some of them will house a variety of facilities under the Thames such as mechanical equipment and the interconnections to the older Bazalgette era sewer network.

Once construction is completed, Tideway will be creating seven new landscaped areas which will include sites at Chelsea, Albert, Victoria and Putney Embankments, as well as at Blackfriars Bridge, King Edward Memorial Park and Heathwall Pumping Station.

Parts of the new spaces at Victoria and Chelsea Embankments and at King Edward Memorial Park will be ‘floodable’ at high tides, enabling Londoners to dip their toe in what will be intended to be a cleaner River Thames.

Tideway said that it has also worked with artists at each location to develop a trail of artwork that explore themes from the River’s history and its role in the city’s development. At the moment, planning policy prevents other developers from reclaiming land from the river in this way, so Tideway have a near unique opportunity to build into the Thames.

Work on London’s super sewer is gearing up with tunnelling set to start later this year.

Albert Embankment

Blackfriars Bridge

Chelsea Embankment

Heathwall Pumping Station

King Edward Memorial Park

Putney Embankment

Victoria Embankment

Super sewer route map

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One comment on “New images show the future of the Thames Embankment
  1. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Suppose it could attract tourists and visitors. Once the Super Sewer has been completed.

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