Once a year, a fleet of old London buses are allowed into military lands to take trips to an empty village where no one lives. It is of course, therefore hugely popular.

This is ImberBus.

You can look at it as a chance to ride on buses to an abandoned village, but that is almost to belittle the totality of the day out – riding through an empty landscape where trees have replaced tower blocks, where burnt out tanks are more common than Uber taxis, where a church in the middle of nowhere will serve you a cup of tea.

It’s a surreal experience.

This year, the ImberBus team plan to have at least 20 old and new Routemaster buses to ride on as you travel past burnt out tanks and warnings not to leave the road because of unexploded bombs.

(c) ImberBus

It’s more than just a trip to a village, but to many places within the Salisbury MoD lands that are usually off-limits with some of the weirdest bus stop names you will ever see.

  • Departures approximately every 15 minutes from Warminster Station to Imber from 9.30am onwards;
  • Buses serving Tilshead, Chitterne, West Lavington, Market Lavington, New Zealand Farm Camp and Brazen Bottom twice an hour throughout the day.
  • An additional car park to the east of Imber, which will enable visitors to drive closer to the village then Park & Ride.
  • Imber Church open for viewing and refreshments from 10am to 6pm.
  • Buses stopping opposite Market Lavington Museum which is opening specially for the event and also serving cream teas.
  • Transport enthusiasts sales stall at the Rose & Crown in Tilshead which also provides the opportunity for a pie and a pint at lunchtime.
  • Refreshments also available at Chitterne Village Hall.

There’s an all-day ticket for £10 with up to 3 children for £1 each — or you can buy single fares. Just turn up and pay on the bus – cash only.

The full details are here.

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One comment on “Just 14 days until ImberBus
  1. Jane Burgess says:

    Decided to go to this event last year. Not sure what to expect but it was one of the most enjoyable day out I had last year. So many people having such a lot of fun Ian is right it is surreal seeing red route master buses trundling over Salisbury Plain

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