This is a piece of art outside the Museum of London that shows a horse surrounded by two discs, unsurprisingly, called Union – Horse with Two Discs.

A lot of visitors to the museum pass by, some with a curious glance, but few realise there’s a short description of the art on the wall near by.

This piece of bronze art is by Christoper LeBruin, who has a number of commissions and is noted for his horse related sculptures.

The imagery of horse and discs is common in his work, and he says that it suggests travel and passing from one place to another.

In an interview, the artist once said ” When you talk about horses and riders in my work it is important to me that they are not seen as real … I think of it as an entrance or key to the place I want to enter.”

The Horse with Two Discs is outside the entrance to the Museum, and while they are very real, the placement of the art is quite appropriate.

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One comment on “London Public Art: Union – Horse with Two Discs
  1. Tony says:

    A prolific horse as it’s also in a field at the New Art Centre near Salisbury!

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