This Wednesday, to mark its 50th anniversary, entry to the Southbank’s Hayward Gallery will cost just 50p – instead of the more usual £14.50 they charge to go in.

Head to Hayward Gallery between 11am and 9pm and see their current exhibition, Lee Bul.

The 50p entry ticket offer can only be redeemed in person and is on a first come, first served basis.

Note that there’s a bag size restriction in the gallery, with a cloakroom if needed, at £1 per bag — which makes it twice as expensive to drop off a large bag as to go into the exhibition. On just one day that is.

If you’re a regular visitor, they’re also offering an annual membership package for £50 instead of their usual £75

Incidentally, if you’re wondering why the 50p deal is on Wednesday — although the Queen opened the Hayward Gallery on the 9th July 1968, the public didn’t go in for a couple of days.

So this Wednesday marks the 50th anniversary of the first paying public going into the gallery, which is a far more important anniversary than it being royally opened.

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