Ordinarily, visitors to St Paul’s Cathedral during the day are not supposed to take photos, but for five evenings, the Cathedral is opening its doors to photographers.

The relaxation of the photography ban is part of a series of late openings for the summer months.

Throughout the evenings, drinks and light food will be available in the crypt cafe and the Cathedral shop will be open, offering a range of gifts and mementos.

For 2018 the evenings also include access to climb the Cathedral’s Dome up to the Whispering, Stone and the Golden Galleries, which will let you out on to the small walkway around the top of the Dome to see the sunset.

The evening openings cost £16 per adult and can be booked here.

Note, if you buy a normal day ticket for £18, and then turn it into an Annual Pass with unlimited return visits, you also get entry to the evenings as well, which is quite good value for money.

The Cathedral will be open from 6:30pm to 9pm on the following Thursdays: 26th July, 9th August, 16th August, 23rd August and 30th August.

The last entry to the galleries will be 8.15pm. 

Non-commercial photography is allowed during the evening, but no freestanding tripods or monopods, selfie sticks, drones or remotely operated devices please. Photography is not permitted on the Whispering Gallery. 

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