A sign of the times, as a large office in the City of London wants to get rid of most of its car parking space, and replace it with bicycle racks and cycling facilities.

Cheapside House, a fairly ordinary office block opposite the ghastly One New Change shopping centre was constructed in 1958-9 to a design by the architect Theo Birks.

As was customary for large office blocks of the time, it had lots of car parking spaces in the basement, with a ramp at the back of the building for access. Senior managers were not expected to slum it on the tube trains after all.

At the moment, there is space in the basement for 21 cars, and this will be cut down to just 5 cars. In the owners want to install a replacement 70 bike racks, clothes lockers and eight showers will be installed in the space.

That number alone gives you an idea of how much space is “wasted” by car parking spaces.

At the moment there are some cycle racks in the basement, but no other facilities, so the planned changes are a significant step to improving cycling facilities for people working in the building.

They’re also seeking permission to add a roof terrace and various other minor changes, including a more impressive pedestrian entrance on Cheapside.

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3 comments on “City office block swapping cars for bicycle racks
  1. Richard Ash says:

    Electric vehicle chargers for the retained parking spaces?

  2. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Great idea. I like the sound of this.

  3. That’s some superb news! The transport (r)evolution

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