The final in a series of a photo exhibitions about the fields of WW1 battles is currently on display in the City of London Guildhall yard.

Showing the aftermath of human conflict, they are the healing process, how nature slowly reclaims what mankind destroyed.

Exploring the theme of reconciliation to mark the centenary of armistice, the images highlight the impact of the war on the nations and societies involved, commemorating the role played by people of diverse races and creeds in what was the first truly global armed conflict.

There’s a lot of text next to each photo, so you can easily spend an hour in the display, or just stand back and enjoy the photographs of peaceful landscapes in remembrance of the conflict that took place.

This is the final exhibition in a series of outdoor photographic displays from photographer Michael St Maur Sheil which have sought to introduce the public to the issues and events of the First World War.

The exhibition, Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: 1918 – 2018 runs until 28th May. It’s open all day every day.

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