Safety improvements at the road junction outside Bank tube station have reportedly seen casualties reduced by 52% since they were implemented last year. Casualties in the area surrounding the junction have also reduced by 33%.

Last May, the City of London launched a scheme limiting vehicle access to Bank junction to buses and cyclists only, Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, for a period of up to 18 months.

Bank Junction

Since it launched, the number of vehicles travelling through the junction between 7am and 7pm has reduced from 16,000 to just over 500 contravening vehicles a day. The penalty notice for infraction was set at £130, reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days.

As well as meeting the safety objectives, bus passenger journey times through Bank have improved by up to five minutes. Monitoring data also showed a reduction in air pollution (NO2) levels at Bank junction and in the surrounding areas.

The report notes that after receiving over 4,200 responses to a consultation, three-quarters of survey respondents said they supported the scheme. 45% said they supported the scheme as implemented and a further 29% said they supported scheme in general but would like to see some changes.

Next week, the performance of the experimental scheme, along with consultation outcomes and ongoing monitoring, will be considered across a number of City Corporation committees to decide whether it is to be made permanent.

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6 comments on “City of London mulls making Bank traffic ban permanent
  1. I live in Dalston on the 141 and 21 bus routes that pass through Bank Junction.

    I regularly take these buses between my house and the City or London Bridge and the service has improved.

    Regularly, I take a bus to Bank and walk through the City to the River. It’s so much easier now!

    allowing the traffic to go through Bank Junction again, would be a very retrograde step.

  2. T Rose says:

    All this scheme has done is pushed the traffic into the surrounding smaller roads causing absolute gridlock – it’s absolutely ridiculous

  3. Jason mardel says:

    Moorgate,bishopsgate,cheapside,threadneedle street,poultry,lothbury,Bartholomew lane has become gridlocked .= more pollution congestion worse air quality.WHY are taxis banned.the city of London has been a business area for decades.not everyone wants to bus or CYCLE. There needs to be a balance .

  4. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Bet the whole aspect of changing this bottleneck junction at Bank will confuse drivers.

  5. Londoner says:

    the pollution and traffic has increased. London has become undesirable place to be or visit

    • Ian Visits says:

      How on earth you can judge an entire city based on one road junction baffles rational minds.

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