There’s a small exhibition at the moment in The Barbican showing off photos taken inside the famous music studios at Abbey Road. There are also dire warnings about copyright that lets you take photos, but not to do anything with them that anyone else might see.

The photos are all taken by rock music photographer, Jill Furmanovsky who first took photos inside the studios back in 1975, and was the Artist in Residence in 2017. There was quite a long gap between the two, so most of the work is from recent decades.

It’s a mix of collages of photos of musicians at work and the equipment used to create a piece of music, alongside a selection of portraits all on black, of the musicians.

Standing alone are three microphones used in the studios, and oddly to my mind, they are the most interesting aspect of the display, which is otherwise just photos of people.

A side display looks at the history of the Abbey Road studios, and look look over to one side where a display case reveals a curious fact about why EMI tape is preferred over others for recording music on.

The exhibition, Inside Abbey Road Studios is free to visit at the Barbican Library, and is open Mon-Sat until 27th June.

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