A tall column stands impossibly slender on a side street, solid blocks of colour stand out amongst the steel and brick of the Liverpool Street estate.

This is Chromorama, by London-based artist David Batchelor, and comprises 35 illuminated light boxes which use the entire colour spectrum and face strategically in all directions.

As is usual with Batchelor’s style, he makes sculptural installations from objects found in the streets of London, hollowed, stacked and given a new life as empty but brightly coloured light boxes or as unlit composites. This tall tower is typical of his signature style.

Commissioned for this location, the totemic sculpture stands now as an entrance marker for the Broadgate office complex.

The tower was installed in 2015.

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One comment on “London’s Public Art: Chromorama
  1. Andrew Gwilt says:

    Very nice sculpture but it is very strange as you look at it from all angles. But very colourful.

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