Deep under a 1960s office block can be found one of London’s largest Roman ruins, and tours will resume this weekend.

The Bath House and associated town house would have been by the riverside – as it was in those times – and the layout is unusual with the bathhouse in the centre courtyard with the main building around it. It was possibly an inn or praetorium for traders and visitors to Londinium.

The Billingsgate Roman bathhouse was re-discovered in 1848, during the construction of the Coal Exchange, but not excavated properly until 1968-9, when the road was widened and the current office block built on the site.

Since then it has sat there, largely forgotten and rarely opened to the public.

Recently, they’ve been opening it up for tours, and these resume again this weekend.

Tours take place on Saturdays until 24th November, last around 45 minutes, and cost £10.30.

You can book a slot here.

Note that access down into the basement is via stairs only.

Ian has Visited – review here.

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