The curve, that wonderful massive space for art at the Barbican sometimes has queues around the block so good is the art on display. And sometimes, you’re left scratching your head in bewilderment.

This latest display brings out a rash of blisters thanks to the intensity of the head scratching it engenders.

The display is the first in London by Yto Barrada, a Moroccan multimedia visual artist. She says that it “weaves together personal narratives and political ideals to create a complex portrait of a city and its people in a state of transition.”

I think it looks like an emptied out branch of Habitat crossed with a coffee chain.

A black wall painted with murals of something, some collages on another side. All rather generic high-street cafe chain decor. There’s a video.

But throughout the exhibition, wicker chairs.

Lots of wicker chairs.

In the middle, in corners, hanging from the ceiling.

It’s seems to be part of a trend to throw together a range of totally disparate objects and call it art. Very rarely does that work, and usually when the art is obviously, well, art. Here we have someone pointing at the Habitat catalogue and ordering stuff.

It’s all exceptionally weird, and not in a good way.

At least it gives you somewhere to sit.

The exhibition, Yto Barrada Agadir is open until 20th May. It’s free.

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