This is a piece of art hidden away on a quiet residential street in Chelsea that you are not going to stumble upon, unless your the sort of person who goes wandering around quiet residential streets looking for things to stumble upon.

These two monumental slabs of roughly hewn mahogany coloured granite were commissioned to go with the newish block of posh flats that it sits outside of, by Native Land, and created by the sculptor Simon Hitchens.

They were unveiled in June 2015.

According to the artist, the “placing and location of the two forms has a relationship with the human scale, invoking an intimacy that belies the otherwise unyielding nature of the materials.”

“As a counterpoint, a man-made bronze form creates a unity of opposites: a perfect jigsaw fit if the two halves were united. Perhaps they are drifting apart, or coming together: nature and the man-made world, traditional and technological.”

Personally, I just think they look nice. And being hidden on a side street makes them the sort of thing to casually show off to a friend when passing nearby who will be awed at your incredible knowledge of London.

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  1. Sloane Square
  2. South Kensington
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One comment on “London Public Art: Evidence of the Unseen Mountain
  1. Philip Carr says:

    You have to admire the artists ability to write bull***t!

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