Sitting outside, but next to the museum, the newish museum inside the ancient Charterhouse on the edge of the city has turned a Georgian home into its new cafe.

I was in the area for other reasons, but popped in to have some elevenses. The grand gates at the entrance to Charterhouse Square are currently missing, and while they were rather good at suggesting the area is private, I will miss them if they are permanently removed.

The cafe has food prepared by the Charterhouse’s own in-house catering team, drawing on their experience of catering for the Brothers who live inside the Charterhouse. The fare on offer is more aligned to a posh tea cafe that you might find in an upmarket town.

That’s carried on through the decor, which is cleaned up Georgian, very clean and slightly austere, but fitting for the location.

A lone chap sat in a corner tapping away on his laptop, but otherwise the bulk of the visitors were of the “retired on a day trip” variety, and one was overheard asking where The Charterhouse is, as she had a tour there. Umm, next door dear.

The cafe serves Climpson & Sons Coffee, which is sourced, roasted and crafted in the heart of East London. I asked about the brownie, which turned out to be a bread pudding.

While I would say that personally, the coffee was stronger than I like, it was of the intensity of flavour that I know coffee fans would probably appreciate. It was a good coffee.

The pudding was equally strong in it’s flavours, and as it happened, the richness of the cake worked really quite well with the strong coffee.

The price was also a pleasing surprise for this part of London, which hardly lacks for cafes to choose from already.

Cost: £4:10 for cake and coffee

Stars: 4 out of 5

Date: 14th March 2018

Summary: A pleasing nibble in a slightly posh looking room, and very good value for money. One to show off to friends as a hidden secret if you’re in the area.

Thackeray Coffee House

Update: May 2018 – the cafe still operates, but is no longer owned by the museum.

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