Sleepy streets in that far flung place know as “Beyond Zone 2” are a hive of suppressed desires and lurking passions.

This is the world of shocking architecture among the bland terraces. Endless ribbons of 1930s housing for the middle classes dotted with concrete, suggestive corners, sharp angles, and gasps of horror from the offended.

A new book is being planned to share the delight of these droplets of architectural shock that permeate the land of lawnmowers, warm ale and Sunday bests.

Modernism in Metro-Land started as a website in 2011 and has grown to explore modernist buildings throughout suburban London. Inspired by John Betjeman’s Metro-Land and Ian Nairn, the website examines the growth of the suburbs from the 1920s to the present day through its modernist designs. 

Branching off from the website, a new pocket guide, A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land covering nine London boroughs and two counties, will have over 100 photos and short descriptions of the buildings.

The catch is that the book needs to be bought in advance to secure enough buyers to go to print.

Each copy costs £15, and you can pledge to buy a copy here.

You will also have your name immortalized inside the book, giving you your own moment in modernism’s history.

Written by Joshua Abbott, he has been running the Modernism in Metro-Land website since 2011, as well as conducting tours of the suburbs modernist and art deco buildings.

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