Prepare to be bored silly and utterly fed up with a day of banal irrelevance, as the Boring Conference has announced the date for their 2018 day of tedium.

Actually, it’s a whole day of talks about things that people wouldn’t give a second thought to, but when you do think about them, you realise they have often quite remarkable hidden histories.

In the past, talks have included German road traffic signals, paper bags used by independent bookshops, old postcards, lamppost design, toilet roll serial numbers, the history of bricks, or women giving birth to rabbits.

If that is all far to boring to want to hear about, then you wont be putting the 5th May 2018 in your diary.

Tickets go on sale soon, and they usually sell out incredibly fast, so you need to keep an eye on their website – there’s a lot of overexcited people in need of being bored.


Update: Tickets go on sale at 1pm on Wednesday 21st March 2018 – available here.

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2 comments on “Boring Conference is back
  1. mauricereed says:

    Sounds really interesting!

  2. Serena A. says:

    @mauricereed – that’s a Totally different conference altogether! Lol.

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