Three life-size transparent ghosts of first world war soldiers have been unveiled at St Pancras, as part of the national There But Not There campaign. The ghostly figures of the tommies are there to mark the end of World War 1, which marks its centenary this year.

Designed by Martin Barraud and on display at the station until November 2018, the six foot high silhouettes will serve as a reminder of the fundamental role British railways played to the First World War effort, including the transportation of troops, aircrafts, munitions, and supplies.

They also commemorate the integral role women played in the conflict, employed by the rail industry in positions previously occupied by men.

The station is also planning for its first permanent war memorial to those who lost their lives in both world wars to be unveiled in November.

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5 comments on “Ghostly WW1 figures unveiled at St. Pancras station
  1. Terry Jones says:

    not another war memorial!! and why in a train station, for heaven’s sake? this country spends too much time looking backwards…

    • paul dyer says:

      that’s an absolutely disgusting remark – we should always look back and remember if if it wasn’t for those brave men and women where would be today
      and why on a train station = to make you think everytime you go to and from work

    • Lisa says:

      Very well said, could not agree more Paul.

  2. Nanette says:

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  3. Paul Calladine says:

    Terry Jones (and similar shallow protestors) enjoys the peace and freedoms won by others sacrifice. He should count himself lucky and many many are grateful for our peacetime inheritance.

    For evil to succeed its only necessary for good people to do nothing.

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