The recently restored Flying Scotsman will be once again running tours around the UK this summer, giving people a chance to be on the world famous train.

The service is fine dining on wheels, with a famous locomotive hauling a lot of well fed travellers. The longer trips are, unsurprisingly, quite expensive, but there are four day trips looping around the countryside for lunch or supper.

The London trips are:

19th April – King’s Cross to Scarborough – from £305

19th May – King’s Cross to Edinburgh (Flying Scotsman from York) – from £349

31st May – Paddington loop via Chiltern Hills (lunchtime) – from £89

31st May – London Victoria loop via Surrey Hills (evening) – from £79

5th June – Paddington loop via Chiltern Hills (lunchtime) – from £89

5th June – London Victoria loop via Surrey Hills (evening) – from £79

18th June – London Victoria to the Lake District – from £349

23rd June – Scarborough to Ealing Broadway – from £139

30th June – Ealing Broadway to Scarborough – from £139

The full list of trips, including those outside London are here.

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One comment on “Take a trip on the Flying Scotsman in 2018
  1. Sheryl Agli says:

    I’m coming to the UK in September was wanting to see The Flyingscotsman and do the trip, my grandfather Henry Michael Elliott, was a fireman on this train before coming to Australia. Was wondering where do you board the train and alight so I can book for the 29/9/18 or30/9/18 if you can please help me I’d much appreciate it

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