Baring some weirdness that throws the stats out later today, here are the Top-10 rundown of what you read in 2017, on this website at least.

Not arf!

Top ten stories published in 2017

Crossrail in a jam with Astoria nightclub discovery

It’s always nice when a bit of quirky history resonates with an audience, even in this case it’s probably more the lingering anger at the demolition of the Astoria than the discovery of piccalilli pots that drew people’s attention.

Cooling the tube – Engineering heat out of the Underground

What happens when you revisit a topic you’re interested in by writing up a lecture, coincidentally just a couple of weeks before a heatwave hits London. Everyone wants to talk to you about hot tube trains.

Euston Station to become a homeless shelter on Christmas Day

Saw the initial announcement, and a day later after no one else seemed to have noticed, thought it was a nice little heart-warming story that deserved a bit of attention. Then it got retweeted.

Tracking smartphone Wi-Fi signals reveals curious journeys on the London Underground

A mix of people freaking out about privacy issues, and being curiously voyeuristic about the seemingly weird journeys that other people take to get to work.

Take a last trip in the Woolwich Free Ferry

Lots of nostalgia for this one from people who used the ferry in the past and from those who want to see this relic from a past industrial era still plying the river trade.

Photos from South London’s forgotten tube tunnel experiment

Little known outside railway geeks and tunnel engineers, I was delighted to revisit this lost tunnel after some inspection photos were released.

The myth of Medieval Small Beer

Guilty of repeating a myth without ever checking the facts, I was surprised to learn that for decades I had been wrong about something that is still today being widely said to be a truth.

Major Victoria tube station upgrade opens to the public

This was popular more because lots of people found it via other websites, because I explained why it had taken so many years of roadworks to open a new tube station entrance.

New Crossrail / Elizabeth line tube map released

You’re all a bunch of tube geeks, and a new map is bound to get you attention, especially when it’s about Crossrail.

A list of London’s fictional tube stations

A bit of light hearted fun I thought, but listicles are actually quite hard work, but it was fun to research it and see just how creative people are at weaving the London Underground into films.

The perennial top-10 from years past

These are as much thanks to Google as anything and the presence of articles debunking, or shining a light onto tunnels under London shows just how many people still believe in conspiracy theories.

3D maps of every Underground station

People are always curious about the hidden depths of the tube network, although it probably wont surprise you to learn that the top search query that people type in and find this page — is for a map of bank tube station.

New London Overground Map includes the Barking Extension

Not the Barking link that brings so many people to this story, just looking for a future map of the London Overground in general. Sorry Barking.

At last – a pigeon proof bird feeder

A constant drip-feed of people trying to bat away the flying rats so that their personal favourite feathered friends can have some lunch.

Visit the Doctor Who museum in London

There was (until recently) a Dr Who experience in Wales, but most tourists visit London, and want a local experience instead.

Remember when shops used to have a half-day closing?

Another of the Google long-tails, mainly from people presumably engaging in office gossip and recalling times when shops closed for half a day in mid-week and trying to find out why.

The Victorian Catacombs of South London

People love a catacomb, and musty subterranean places in general, so this visit to a South London cemetery still delights.

Secret tube train to Buckingham Palace

Yeup, the conspiracy theory fans keep this article in the top 10 every year.

The Northern Line tunnel – bombed and flooded in 1940 – and still sealed shut

One of my favourite articles of all time, and one that regularly gets a small surge of attention when it is picked up by some website or other, usually discussion forums.

More on the “secret” tunnel under Whitehall

The result of many years of hunting for a booklet that was once published, this churn is constantly popular with people seeking “the truth” about secret military tunnels under London.

The private monorail tunnel under North London

I had tried to get into the tunnel (legitimately) to get better photos for this article, but in the end I went with what I had, and I still love that there are little-known gems under our feet.

And that’s it for another annual roundup. I wonder what 2018 will bring?

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