Lurking in one of the corners of the V&A museum is a large exhibition devoted to a famous photographer of famous people — Anthony Crickmay.

I say lurking, for while the exhibition is very noticeable if you find it, it’s in a part of the museum that always seems rather empty on my visits. People tend not to stumble upon this corner of the building, unless they’re looking for something in particular.

Anthony Crickmay has been photographing dance and opera companies all over the world for more than 30 years, and has a large collection of photos of generally very famous people.

It’s not the first time the V&A has shown off his work, he was the subject of an exhibition back in 1991, so this is a revisit some 16 years later.

Most of the photos are studio portraits, but there are some remarkably candid photos from the time he shadowed Tony Blair at the Labour Party Conference in 1999.

The exhibition can be a bit overwhelmingly lots of pictures of famous people, some of whom you might even recognise, but it’s worth a visit if in the museum to see the originals of the photos that often adorned the front pages of the Sunday magazines.

The exhibition mark’s Crickmay’s 80th birthday and is open until 10th June 2018, and can be found in the Theatre & Performance galleries.

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