People love photos of cats playing in front of Christmas trees, so here’s my own take on that popular genre.

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6 comments on “Cats playing in front of Christmas trees
  1. Edwin Chappell says:

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Happy Christmas.

  2. Maurice G Reed says:


  3. E says:

    Aaahhh! It is so nice to see them so happy!

    Merry Christmas, Ian!

  4. Westville13 says:

    Made me laugh out loud! Happy Christmas Ian and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. Veronica Burrows says:

    I clicked on ‘Cats’ with some trepidation thinking that your humour had taken a turn for the worse. I needn’t have worried. Brought a smile to my face as did the Christmas tube map. Have a happy Christmas Ian and a healthier and wealthier New Year

  6. Margaret Ormonde says:

    Much less stressful than the real thing!

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