On Monday morning, there will be a chance to get a limited-edition Oyster card holder, with the cover designed by the artist, Marc Camille Chaimowicz.

Marc Camille Chaimowicz is a French-born British painter whose works are in the Museum of Modern Art and Victoria and Albert Museum, and was exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery last year.

They are to mark the release of the 27th edition of the Pocket Tube map by Art on the Underground, which is itself being issued on the 5th January.

To get the Oyster card wallet, visit one of the following Transport for London Visitor Centres on Monday 11th December.

  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Liverpool Street
  • Euston
  • Victoria
  • King’s Cross
  • Paddington
  • Heathrow Terminals 123
  • Gatwick

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14 comments on “Limited edition Oyster card holders giveaway
  1. Andrew says:

    Is there any way a non- London dwelling ( these days!) person can possibly get one of these?

  2. It’s highly unusual to celebrate a tube map 25 days before it’s published.
    It’s also odd that the insert in the wallet describes the new edition as “pocket Tube map 2017”, when it’s being January issued in 2018.
    I wonder if something’s gone wrong with the printing/design, again, and they’re having to issue the map later than anticipated…

  3. Dee says:

    Firstly, I have never heard of this ‘artist’. Secondly, why would I want that ugly card holder? Instead of pathetic gimmicks and desperate publicity, perhaps Transport for London should concentrate on improving their crappy service and decrease prices instead of hiking them up every year, as they always do.

  4. Barbara Le Beau says:

    I don’t work in London but I still use the Oyster card everyday, totally unfair should be available to all..

    • Ian Visits says:

      They are available to everyone – who is willing to visit a travel centre — and yes, that’ll mean catching an earlier train one day to make a small detour before work.

      If you’re that keen on getting one, isn’t the modest effort part of the joy of getting something?

    • Sorry dont be silly says:

      Those stations are already over crowed, it should have been available at more stations. Why would it be a joy to add more congestion at those already over crowed stations just to get an ugly oyster card “holder” from an artist some of us haven’t heard of?

    • Ian Visits says:

      As you are that dismissive of the card holder, then you wont be that bothered about not getting one.

  5. Jsc says:

    Thanks to this article I picked one up at Victoria this morning.
    might ebay it 😉

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