The suburban fight for the most over the top Christmas decorations has a new rival, in the central London figure of Tate Britain.

What looks like another example of the Americanisation of Christmas is in fact an art installation – albeit a very tacky looking one.

This year, Tate Britain has invited Alan Kane to devise an exciting new work for its iconic fa├žade to mark the Christmas season.

What is described as “a tribute to extraordinary everyday creative expression”, is an overflowing facade of lights and colours, on a scale that no one would ever consider to be “everyday”.

The art is called Home for Christmas: A Commission for Tate Britain, is by Alan Kane, and will be on display until Epiphany, aka, the 6th January.

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One comment on “Tate Britain goes Kitsch for Christmas
  1. Kate Love says:

    Hi Ian really really like your missives! We went to take a photo of Alan Kane’s Christmas Kitsch after seeing your photo and my husband (who is usually really good with photography) has loads of problems getting everything sharp like your photo!! May we ask what camera and which lens did you use ?? Thanks for your great site!! Kate

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