A train station* near a famous art gallery has gained its own art display, courtesy of the local school.

North Dulwich is the station, just down the road from the Dulwich Picture Gallery, and the art on display on the station platforms was created by children from the Dulwich Hamlet Junior School.

The 7-11 year olds created 14 displays which are positioned in the arches along the side of each platform. Southwark Council funded the frames through a grant of £5,000 from its “Cleaner Greener Safer” fund.

The art is designed by the students around a number of topics, including the works of particular artists, and was initially displayed as part of the school’s art exhibit. It will remain on display all year.

I could make an daft arty comment about how the brick alcoves create personal introspective spaces wherein the viewer is constrained by the barriers of mind and brick and forced to focus inwardly on the art and seek a respite from the commuter fuss behind.

But I wont.

*yeah yeah, whatever.

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4 comments on “Student art goes on display in a train station
  1. Maurice G Reed says:

    Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! It’s a railway station not a train station!!! Why have we adopted the American term these days?

    Sorry Ian I know you hate it too.

    • Ian Visits says:

      Actually, I don’t care, and we Brits were using train station back in the Victorian times quite happily.

      Frankly, the language is always changing, and if the huge majority of people call it a train station, then a train station it is.

      Just as tube carriages are called cars — and that actually is an American idea, which no one seems to object to.

    • Geoffrey says:

      The Underground railway carriages were called CARS because many of the early ones were imported from U S A and Mr Yerkes who ran many of the Underground lines was an American

    • Ian Visits says:

      I know – my point is that if it’s acceptable to have plenty of Americanisms in use on the railways, why not train station as well (not that it is an Americanism anyway).

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