This is an ornamental garden on the corner of Edgware Road and Sussex Gardens that despite its name doesn’t contain any water.

The name actually refers to the modernist block of 1960s housing that the garden sits next to, and is part of. Most of the private garden that runs along the side of the housing block is a communal area, but this corner garden, while private is also very public, being more a garden to look at than to sit in.

It’ lacks any seating, but it does however contain a decorative feature that suggests water with blue glasses.

In fact, it’s almost a work of art – something to be admired as you walk past.

The modern style garden is also quite new, having been laid out in 2008, when planning permission was granted to extend a wall and enclose the area for landscaping.

Sadly, the area outside is also storage for a cluster of ugly bins, and a somewhat forlorn London Plane tree.

The estate itself has an interesting landlord — the Church Commissioners — who own a large chunk of land in the area known as the Hyde Park Estate.

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