In a couple of weeks time, London’s newest museum opens to the public, and booking for entry has opened today.

The Temple of Mithras, the London Mithraeum is one of the most important Roman finds in Britain of the 20th century. It was discovered in the 1950s, appallingly displayed on a concrete plinth in the 1960s, but now has been restored to (almost) it’s original location deep under the streets of London.

Booking is apparently not essential, but is being recommended, especially in the initial weeks as visitor numbers will be likely high due to the excitement of seeing the Temple of Mithras in its new subterranean lair.

There are two floors, one for a museum space, then down below, into the temple. Once inside the Mithraeum temple viewings will take place every 30 minutes and generally last 15 minutes.

Entry is free, and the Mithraeum will be open daily except Mondays.

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 6pm
  • Sundays/Bank holidays: Noon – 5pm
  • First Thursday of the month: 10am – 8pm

More information here, and to book a ticket, go here.



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