There are to be two exercises carried out by the emergency services over the next few weeks – on the river outside MI5’s head office.

The river traffic notice simply states that “The emergency services will be conducting two exercises between Lambeth Bridge and Millbank Pier.”

As is normal for sizable events, there will be an exclusion zone created on the river to stop other boats intruding on whatever is going on.

However, what makes this potentially slightly more interesting (or not), is that the river exclusion zone is right outside Thames House on Millbank — also known as the headquarters of the domestic spy agency, MI5.

Whether that’s just a remarkable coincidence and this is actually a mundane rescue from a stricken pleasure boat — or an indication of what might happen on the river I leave to conspiracy theorists to get excited about.

The two exercises are scheduled to take place at:

  • Mon 23rd Oct 2017 10:55 to 12:30
  • Wed 8th Nov 2017 09:25 to 09:50

Certainly if Twitter goes nuts the mornings about an attack on the MI5 headquarters, you can calmly tell people it’s just a practice.

Members of the Metropolitan Thames River Police are pictured practicing boarding techniques in a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) during an Olympic Games security exercise.
Photographer: POA(Phot) Terry Seward

Incidentally, if you type MI5 headquarters into Google image search, much like the confusion between London and Tower bridge, the building most often shown is that of MI6.

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