Each summer, a church in the City of London hosts an exhibition of newly created mosaics from the studios of Southbank Mosaics.

Some of the works are by students, but many are by people being rehabilitated in prison.

Some of the art on display is what you might call classic roman-style mosaics, and some have echoes of modern life, with the tweets and facebook logos.

Possibly more interesting to some are the more three-dimensional mosaics, which are certainly not suitable for use as flooring.

Southbank Mosaics runs an “Open Studio”, where artists, volunteers, school students and active citizens are trained in mosaic design and then help us to make public realm art works. This year’s exhibition theme is “Rome To London” and the introduction of the London School of Mosaic.

The exhibition is at St Lawrence Jewry, next to the Guildhall, and runs until Sunday 17th September 2017. Some of these art works are for sale too.

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