A very narrow little alley offers a mix of rubbish, polite flats, graffiti and the back door to a historic synagogue.

The grandly named Parliament Court is not a court, and appears to have never been one, but an alley running between two blocks of shops and factories that once lined the streets.

Parliament Court was itself laid out in 1682 as part of the development of the Old Artillery Ground by George Bradbury and Edward Noell.

What is today the Sandys Row Synagogue started as the Artillery Church in 1766 when a group of Huguenots purchased the plot of land. It later became the London Walloon Church and later the Parliament Court Chapel.

The entrance used to be on Parliament Court, but in 1867, it became the Sandys Row Synagogue, and the entrance moved to the wider Sandys Row.

Today the alley has some homes, with plenty of signs warning of CCTV use in the area and pleas to do undesirable acts in other places.

Despite it’s somewhat shabby appearance, the view along the alley southwards to the old wooden pub entrance is quite charming, and also noted by the City of London in a policy document on the area.

Nearest railway stations

  1. London Liverpool Street
  2. Aldgate
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