A large formation of military aircraft, including the Red Arrows will fly over Central London on Saturday lunchtime, for the Queen’s official birthday.

The flypast follows after the Trooping the Colour in Horseguards, and a procession along the Mall. Once the Royal Family are back inside Buckingham Palace, the Mall is opened up to onlookers for the flypast, which will pass over the Mall and Buckingham Palace at 1pm on Saturday 17th June 2017.

The flypast lines up for the pass over London via Ipswich and heads into East London, passing near Shoreditch, over the City, then Trafalgar Square and finally over Buckingham Palace.

Once the helicopters, jets and large aircraft have past overhead, the Red Arrows will finish the display, with their customary red, white and blue smokes.

Following the flypast, the aircraft will head over towards RAF Northolt (near Uxbridge) and disperse.

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2 comments on “Red Arrows to fly over London on Saturday
  1. Will all the red arrows fly together over the mall tomorrow

  2. John Simmons says:

    We were at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre today (Saturday) and all the planes flew right over the stadium! The sight made some of us miss a goal or two!

    And in reply to Louise: yes, all 9 Red Arrows were there in a > formation.

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