This coming September will be a very rare chance to go onto the site of one of London’s larger railway depots, to mark its eleventy-first birthday.

111 years since first servicing trains on 17 March 1906, GWR will unlock the doors of Old Oak Common Depot for members of the public.

On display will be a large collection of steam, diesel, and electric trains and locomotives which have all helped to make the Great Western ‘God’s Wonderful Railway’.

During the depot’s 111-year history, the depot and its staff have maintained everything from steam era Kings and Castles, to the diesel-powered Westerns and Warships. In 1976 the depot was the maintenance hub in the Western region for the newly introduced Intercity 125s.

Tickets for the open day, which takes place on 2nd Sept 2017, cost £20 per adult and are available here.

As it is a working depot, decent shoes to get around the railway tracks are recommended. High heels, rather less so. Bring cash if you want to buy anything on the day, as the middle of a railway depot is unsurprisingly, rather scarce of cashpoint machines.

All profits will go to the depot’s chosen charity Place2Be, providing mental health support for children.

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3 comments on “Tickets Alert: Old Oak Common railway depot open day
  1. SteveP says:

    Sorry if I missed what might be available for sale – what with the abolition of the €500 note, it has become increasingly difficult for me to carry amounts of cash sufficient to purchase even a shunting engine 🙂

    Will there be memorabilia?

    Many thanks

  2. Jatrius says:

    I’m sure you may find the odd set of pan-pullers lying around calling for liberation from rust.

  3. Henry winterbourne says:

    Will there be stuttles buses
    Goody bags

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