The election gives us a rare chance to use Parliament’s private facilities, and dine in the House of Lords.

Although Parliament is now empty of elected politicians, the Peers also pack up their bags and go home, leaving their dining room available for mere mortals to use.

The House of Lords says that Peers’ Dining Room will be open for lunch only from Monday 8th May until Friday 26th May inclusive. A three-course lunch menu is priced at £45 per head including coffee and petit fours.

Lunch will be served from 12pm with last orders at 2pm.

Note that the dress code in Peers’ Dining Room is smart casual. Collared shirts are preferred for gentlemen, with long trousers and shoes. Crowns and Ermine are not needed.

Sportswear and trainers are not allowed in the dining room, nor are mobile phones, so no Instagraming the food.

Advanced booking is essential and reservations can be made here.

Peers Dining Room

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3 comments on “Dine like a Lord during the General Election
  1. RogerTCB says:

    It’s an ill wind that blows no good; if it wasn’t for the expletive election, this chance wouldn’t have been possible.
    Thank you Ian – that’s my birthday present sorted.

    • June Gibson says:

      Whilst there reflect on the fact that Lords enjoy that standard every day, and can take guests to dine – but all are subsidised by us!
      Have a happy birthday outing!

      I always used to do something special for my late husband’s birthday about now and that would have been it this year. I have had a tour round and it was lovely.

    • Ian Visits says:

      I find it odd that people complain that the Peers dining is subsidised, but no one seems to make the same complaint about the many office canteens, which are also subsidised by the customers of the company.

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