Tickets Alert: Cheap entry to The Shard for a Year

If you get up early next Monday morning, you’ll could be able to get an annual pass for unlimited visits to The Shard for a whole year.

And aptly, there are 2,017 passes available and they’ll cost just £20.17.

This is the second year they’ve offered the annual pass, and unsurprisingly last year it cost £20.16. Adjusting for inflation, this year’s pass should cost £20.48, so the cost of the annual pass has actually fallen in real terms.

The tickets will be released from 7am on Monday 16th January, and based on last year, expect a long queue outside the View from the Shard entrance from the early hours.


Only one card can be purchased per person and cards cannot be purchased on behalf of someone else. Valid Photo ID must be presented upon purchase of the card and photo identification will be documented and stored on our system to validate the cardholder upon future entry.

Visits to The View from The Shard are subject to availability and cannot be pre-booked.

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9 comments on “Tickets Alert: Cheap entry to The Shard for a Year
  1. Peter of London says:

    Also, as far as I can see on the Shard site, this year you don’t need to be a London resident to qualify.

  2. Stuart Forster says:

    ‘Just’ £20.17? London is such as expensive city to visit.

  3. wow, great. Thanks for the tip !

  4. Shard Fan says:

    If you can’t be there on the 16th, it may still be worth asking afterwards. I missed the original ‘limited’ offer last year, but then found I could still buy a 2016 card (at £20.16) at the end of March.

  5. Les says:

    If they open at 7am – how big is the queue expected to be? How long is it likely to take? I arrive at London Bridge at 6.50 each day – so sounds like a good detour as long as I’m not going to be waiting for hours!!

  6. SIMON says:

    Last year(2016) I was able to get one in April.

  7. Geoff says:

    This morning I arrived at 7.10 am and got mine at 11.30 – so 4hrs 40 wait. When I left the queue had almost evaporated, so likely to be lots left still, and certainly enough to get one tonight or tomorrow I would imagine.

    • Bill says:

      I arrived at 11am and received my pass at 14:20, the lady who served me said I was around the 1,00th person. It looked like there waqs still a 2 hour queue behind me.

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