The annual tradition of posting a different vintage image each day during advent, and this year, it’s of London’s old railway stations.


This is the second Paddington station. It opened in 1854, replacing the original slightly further to the west, which then became a goods depot.

Originally opened with three huge roofed arches, it was expanded in 1906-15 with a fourth arch to the north.

A curiousity of the roof design is two large gaps, or transepts in the line of pillars supporting the roof. It was once thought that these were for a sideways transfer to allow locomotives to be shunted to another line, but this is now in doubt.

A huge new Crossrail station is currently being constructed along the south side of the station.

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2 comments on “Advent Calendar – Day 17
  1. Undercover5051 says:

    Seeing as your doing an advent calendar why don’t you talk about the “FREEZING” sadik khan is doing to the tfl fares? he’s going to grind crossrail to a HALT because they don’t have enough money (waste of money if you ask me!!). it’ll be a white elephant project. Why don’t u criticise sadik khan? is it because you sadik kan’t?

    • Southern Heights says:


      1. Crossrail is already paid for
      2. The relevance of your comment to the subject is what exactly?
      3. If you can do apostrophies, then surely capitals and getting people’s names right shouldn’t be too hard. It helps if you want to be taken seriously…